Scarlet Macaw Sanctuary


On this Nature tour you can see Scarlet Macaws some of the most magnificent coloured birds and the largest parrot in the world.  Scarlet Macaws live anywhere from 50-80 years.  Costa Rica is one of the original places where Scarlet Macaws were found.



Blue, Green & Scarlet Macaws  are found in Costa Rica.   These birds fly in pairs or family groups of three to four birds.  A variety of birds can be seen at the sanctuary including three different species of toucans.   See the Tamarin monkeys which are omnivores who eat fruits, plants, insects, and bird eggs.  You will hear the Howler monkeys who are famous for their loud howls.  They eat leaves, fruits and nuts.  There lifespan is 15-20 years.



Watch for Tapirs pictured above who can be spotted here in the sanctuary.  They have an excellent sense of smell but poor vision.  Tapirs are herbivores who eat twigs, fruits & leaves.  Their lifespan is about 20-30 years.   Monkeys are another favorite animal who take up residence here at the sanctuary.  Staff at this sanctuary have a passion for saving & preserving  many of the endangered animals.  Relax and  enjoy the beautiful botanical gardens.

Located 40 minutes from El Roble, Puntarenas Costa Rica.

Recommend:  water, bug repellant, sunscreen, camera, walking shoes


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