Canopy Zip Lining

zip lining at its best

There is no question that you will love  Costa Rica adventure tours which include everything you need for an active yet comfortable vacation: accommodation, food, and exciting pastimes. Multiple canopy routes, horseback riding, rope courses, zip lining – we have something for everyone. We  offer a wide range of activities suitable for tourists of every age and level of physical training.

One of the most common questions we are asked, as well as one of the most common misconceptions travellers have about tours in Costa Rica, surrounds the topic of zipline tours and canopy tours in Costa Rica. Many travellers assume the two are each unique experiences, while others question how the former differs from the latter. The simple response is that there is no difference–zipline tours and canopy tours in Costa Rica are one and the same.

Enjoy this exhilarating Tour zip line and soar from tree to tree over hills like never before!

A Rush of Adrenaline

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