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At the heart of Costa Rica culture

The Five Cities Tour offers a different view of the country.

The city of Esparza is the first stop, 25 minutes from Puntarenas, Esparza is part of the Costa Rican countryside with its hills, breathtaking views of the mountains and deep river valleys.

After our first stop the tour continues to Palmares, which is the second largest city in the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica: a province full of natural wonders and stunning landscapes. A typical small and well maintained town.

Our  next stop is Naranjo in the heart of the western side of the country, to observe a coffee plantation and the city surrounds, then the next stop is the Oax carts factory in the city of Sarchi the capital of artisans, where there is an incredible variety of beautiful wooden crafts and souvenirs, in this place we have lunch, then we go to Greece to visit the magnificent Red Steel church.

The last city is the capital of the western area, San Ramón, known as the City of the Poets, a very quiet and friendly city, our tour guides are attentive to any stopover request from travelers. This is an all day tour.


5 cities

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