A list of adventure to be discovered

  1. CROCODILES-See an abundance of American crocodiles, from babies up to 17 feet long!
  2. EXOTIC BIRDS-Observe up to 50 different kinds of birds in one tour – a bird lovers paradise!
  3. MANGROVE FOREST-Cruise through dense mangrove forest canals and admire this protected ecosystem!
  4. IGUANAS & LIZARDS-See large green iguanas and even lizards that run on water!
  5. RAINFOREST SCENERY-Enjoy views of the tropical rainforest and surrounding mountains of Carara National Park!
  6. JUNGLE ANIMALS-Spot other jungle wildlife such as monkeys, snakes, raccoons, anteaters and more!
  7. NATURE UP-CLOSE-Capture stunning photos and video as you have an up-close experience with nature!

Nothing like to be in a jungle

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